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The name of the manufacturlng firm was Dowst Brothers Co. However, these tables are limited to automotive toys made prior to The catalogue numbers seem to lack consistency and do not follow a tidy chronological sequence. A very large number of very small Items preceded most of the items listed here, and careful study of the 64 page catalogue of suggests that there had probably been some order which had provided the basic foundation upon which the later chaos had gradually been built.

Listing here will be roughly chronological, following numerical sequence only when similar numbers fall closely together. I have rearranged Clint's order here and there where it seems more logical to me. The first toy cars fell into a category of items numbered in the four thousands, and so the early cars pick up here and wander upward before encountering discontinuities which jump back down to lower numbers, even reaching 23 for the little racer bearing that number on its radiator, and eventually getting back to repeat nos. Many omitted numbers referred to non-automotive items, while others just seem to have sunk without a trace.

Dates of first and last appearance in the catalogue include years in which a model may only have been shown in a boxed set while not being listed under its own number; a few models never appeared individually, and are thus listed here without any catalogue number. In all models issued with rubber tyres were given an "0" prefix, whether added to older models with optional tyres or on new models issued only rubber-shod. The "0" was dropped in and later catalogues and is not shown here, except in the comments column where optional tyres exist.


Dates before , and in and are estimated, and could be off by a year, but not likely more. Listed under "designation" is the name or names shown for the item in the catalogues.

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Many Items are known among collectors by some other title, and this is noted in parenthesis. Markings on the outside of the casting are shown in double quotes under "comments". The lengths may be off by a millimetre or so, due to swelling or distortion of some of the castings, to poor lighting in the museum storage vaults, the author's failing vision or shaking hand or some other alibi. Thus endeth the lesson. Irate corrections, comments, additions and condemnations will be gratefully received. I ask only that they be carefully and accurately documented, preferably accompanied by the evidence.

Last year in cat. Buick Sedan in Garage. Mack I nsurance Patrol in Garage. No name on grille.

As for the fate of TootsieToy itself, the company expanded and became known as the Strombecker Corp. The Tootsie Toy brand is still a thriving one after nearly years, with millions of miniature toys produced each year. There are even still corporate connections to Chicago. Unfortunately, just about all of the manufacturing moved to China in the s.

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You can take the flat-iron out of modern day Monopoly boxes, but you can't replace it in the laundry man's heart. Iroquois Theatre Disaster Victims. History of the Strombecker Corp. Second Suds Sayings , edited by Charles Dowst, Standard Catalog of Farm Toys: Toys and American Culture: An Encyclopedia , By Sharon M. Made In Chicago Project. American Automatic Devices Co. American Bird Products Inc. American Family Scale Co. American Metal Ware Co. American Shoe Polish Co. Angel Dainty Dye Co.

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Arrco Playing Card Co. Automatic Pencil Sharpener Co. Calumet Baking Powder Co. Carl Goldberg Models Inc.

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Central Wholesale Grocers Inc. Chicago Flexible Shaft Co. Chicago Mail Order Co. Chicago Printed String Co.

Chicago Roller Skate Co. Chicago Telephone Supply Co. Many Tootsietoy cars are still made in this basic manner, though in the s and s, plastic interiors and other parts were also added. One exception to this simplistic construction was the Pontiac Safari two-door station wagon which was heavily diecast in about 1: On this model, the diecast body was not as simple as on most of the companies offerings but also had diecast seats, an accurately shaped dashboard and a plastic steering wheel.

The rear tailgate opened and the car also had a heavy separately diecast chassis.

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The usual fare in the s were American offerings like a Oldsmobile convertible, a Ford Wagon, or a Chrysler convertible. Vehicles were made in many sizes but 5", 3. As time passed the larger sizes generally faded, but in the s the 1 dollar, 10 car "JamPac" of tiny, simple diecast cars about 2 inches long became known as the worlds best child "shutter-upper" Strombecker A couple of these smaller cars are still in demand, like a replica of the Chevy Corvette powered Cheetah competition in the real world for Shelby's Cobra. This car, though simple and tiny, was not commonly seen in miniature elsewhere.

Strombecker had previously made popular plastic models mainly for slot-car racing — and continued to do so, but by the end of the s the slot-car niche had largely run its course Strombecker Later, plastic as well as die-cast toys were identified with both names as "Tootsietoy-Strombecker".

The name Tootsietoy was often applied to larger, but fairly realistic plastic cars and trucks through the s, but some die-cast were also still made like the Hardbody series in Matchbox size and slightly larger than 1: Though most Tootsie toys are produced in Asia today, they were traditionally produced in Chicago, and were also made in a few other American factories such as Rockford, Illinois. Tootsietoy, however, should not be confused with the similar brand Midgetoy , which was also based in Rockford.

Tootsietoy, which is now owned by J.