Guys you marry vs guys you hook up with

My sex life with my boyfriend has become more routine and less exciting which I think is also contributing to my wandering eye.

6 Guys You Shouldn't Date, Court, or Marry

Am I a bad person? I know lots of women would kill to have such a loving guy.

I married my husband after dating him for three weeks…and it’s working out.

I want to stop taking him for granted and be happy, what should I do? That in itself is not bad behavior. What you need to figure out here is where you want things to go with your boyfriend. Try to forget your wandering eye for a minute and focus on the relationship you have with him. When you think about yourself in five or 10 years, is it him you want to be with? If you think about being married to someone else and him marrying another woman, how do those thoughts make you feel?

No, not the guy in the band you know, silly.

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But the mysterious owner of those rhythmic strumming hands or the brilliant DJ mind with the acumen to play your favorite Faint with vintage Ladytron or whatever. Try to score an awesome mix tape as a relic, or rob his i-Tunes. And work the "I'm with the band" motto at least once. Wear a glam rock jacket.

You know the type. The ones who somehow glided into adulthood, made all the right decisions, deals, dollars and now bathes in Evian. The man who thinks living in a one-bedroom apartment is "roughing it" and wouldn't dream of going spring clothes shopping at underrated boutiques like Target. Keep your snarks to yourself and eat your fancy dinner.

15 differences between the guy you date and the man you marry

Sure he's cute and charming or at least not ugly , but he isn't your thing. The conversation follows a rocky, jumbled, mismatched path but his hipbones are doing mysterious things to you. He makes an effort to care about who you are and why. Even the hard things about your past, he works to build your trust that you can tell him those things.

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The guy you end up marrying might get angry at you, he might say things he regrets but he stays. He wants to work through this thing and figure out how to make it work. And as shallow as it might be the root of the relationship is that physical attraction. There has to be physical attraction present but more than that there has to be an emotional connection.

The guy you end up marrying you introduce to your family with a lot of pride.

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Not only does this person make you so much happier but everyone sees a change in your because of him. The guy you date leaves lingering questions of what are you and what can you be. Sometimes you each play with this idea of what it could be if things were different. This guy is just kind of there until you meet the right one and you stop giving him any of your time and attention.

15 differences between the guy you date and the man you marry

The guy you end up marrying remembers everything. From how you like your coffee to your little habits you might not even notice. And he loves all of it. A lot of guys fear getting that close to someone.

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They pull away when things get hard. They duck out when something bad happens in your life. He knows at any moment that could be him and he likes knowing he has you if ever that day comes.

The Rules for Guys

He also respects you enough to never want to make you pay for anything. He takes a lot of pride in spoiling you. You talk about sports and where you are going out.

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