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Is it every guys dream? There is a certain fear that comes with online dating. It may not be exactly fear for some, but there is always some amount of anxiety. That is normal, since you are putting yourself in a situation with so many possible outcomes. For most people, this is not a problem at all. But some just […]. Neither did I see any signs of success ahead.

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I broke up with my girlfriend after she cheated — twice. Several months ago-one of our loyal readers from North Brisbane dropped me an email asking if I could post some ideas and examples in relation to starting and maintaining engaging conversations with women. Sounds like a reasonable useful request so I started brainstorming some ideas online only to find mainly cheesy everyday hum-drum boring as […]. Have you ever wished you could read the mind of your partner and tell whether he is cheating on you or not?

Well, it turns out that there are some things you can do to predict how likely it is for your man to go astray. It was an amicable parting though I believe! I spent the rest of the afternoon with BFF No. As the festival was soon to end and we wanted to get a jump on the traffic exodus, we headed off and said our goodbyes loosely discussing catching up in a few weeks as I was away the next weekend and it was her bday the week after and she had plans.

We exchanged a few txts after that, but they were lacklustre. Then we just stopped messaging each other.

Was I not pretty enough? Was I not funny enough?

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This is a question I have pondered often. Am I too pretty? Am I too smart? Am I too ridiculously hilarious? Am I too perfect, you know in that annoying too good to be true kinda way…. A reader suggested why recently…. Anyhoo, my search continued and I think I have found it! No, not that douchebag detective that still haunts my hallway. As in the really, really, really good TV show, Neighbours. What more could a single gal ask for on a Friday night?

If only I had 18 cats to share such a magical night with…. And maybe I soon will. An Elite Singles survey recently revealed that singles think that Neighbours is the least attractive TV show that a future partner may like to watch. Shut the front door. Now that, that I can agree with. The top 3 most attractive shows were:.

Can your favourite TV show make you more attractive? If you have found this post before Part 1, off you go…. I stay in bed until noon mostly because I can, yay to no kids! Fortunately I had no plans anyway so I can stay home and binge on Sex and the City. It may be the raging hormones, but kids are really giving me the shits lately. As are all the Facebook mummy posts complaining about their lives or praising their kids for doing nothing of interest. Yay, little Johnny can drink from a cup.

Where is my fucking prize? Day 10 Up early on Monday morning for the blood test and scan that I hope will indicate these suckers are coming out on Wednesday. Why do they have to go and do that huh?!?

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Size matters people, it does. Maybe I can stay on these drugs forever…. Day 11 Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! What the hell has happened overnight?!? I wake up with the most painful boobs EVER! Driving to work I am for the first time regretting that I have a car with sport-tuned suspension as every single bump is killing me!! The cold office environment is also rather distressing. Today I arrive and my nurse is unusually young.

This girl is young….

Ok, this feels awks…. But now I realise they would likely be foiled by the foil. Anyhoo, I also notice today the extreme amount of lube that goes on the condom on top of the ultrasound wand. Probably easier to just get it on tap. It all starts and we continue chatting which is still a little weird until she gets all excited by the amount of eggs she is seeing that appear to be of a good size. I spend my day at work getting organised to take Friday off, and just before 5pm I get the call confirming tonight is trigger shot time.

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I have to fast overnight and turn up at the day hospital at 7am for admission. Day 13 is bad. All of a sudden I feel great again! And I stay at work until 8: When I arrive there are only men waiting in the reception area. What a nice touch! Once changed I sit and wait for the anaesthesiologist to come and see me. There are magazines in the room with me and I see the top one has a story about Sonia Kruger wanting to have a second baby at The anaesthetic nurse comes and does the same.

My doctor comes and does it too. Shit this is a real theatre. There are lots of machines in the room and about 5 or 6 people who I assume are about to see my vagina. Holy shit where am I?! That anaesthetic guy pulled a swifty on me. Sorry lady, I was not in control of my bodily functions!! She walks away and I drift in and out trying to make my eyes stay open.

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They write the number of eggs they have collected on your hand so that you know as soon as you wake up and my hand is telling me…. The scans were showing eggs in each ovary so I had in my head I would get 16 or more. I overhear that the couple next to me are both called Peter. Yup, Peta and Peter. I get home and mum has made me a care package of her amazing cinnamon scrolls and chicken pot pies for later. The scientist calls shortly after and tells me of the 18 eggs they collected, only 12 were mature and suitable for freezing.

My folks leave and I log in to work and respond to a few emails.