Bts dating ban

The boyfriend fan service doesn't help with it imo.

Really just a creepy attitude from those kind of fans. Why can't the person Idol i mean not the fan have their own life It's like they're getting "the talk. I actually just had a long conversation with my Korean American best friend about dating bans and the "boyfriend experience" aspect of the value proposition of idol business. To answer the question directly, they have said there is no official ban, but it's likely one of those permissions you're not supposed to take like the way Soviet citizens were outwardly encouraged to criticize the government but it was unspokenly understood that you shouldn't.

To address the "boyfriend experience" situation, from what was explained to me, creating and maintaining this experience for the fans is in Korea a well understood part of the idols' value proposition. That is to say, they sell this experience, along with their music, merch, videos, etc. Openly dating someone would be unprofessional, they would be offering less value for the same price essentially. I think American fans, at least, myself included tend to see this as entitlement on the part of the fans, but it's really a difference in expectation.

American fans don't expect the bf experience from pop stars so when it's there, it's a bonus and when it's not, it's normal. Korean fans expect the bf experience from idols, it's an understood part of the job, so when it's not there, you're not getting what you paid for especially since local fans have much more ease and many more opportunities to spend money on them. All in all, while some fans can go too far that's true of any group , providing the bf experience is part of an idol's job and fans pay them a lot of money for that.

They sacrifice and compromise to make money just like everyone else. I love this clinical explanation of this. I agree with others that they may not have time to date seriously but I'll never trust anything they say about dating, honestly, because they have financial and professional reasons not to be honest about it.

TWICE’s Dating Ban Has Been Lifted, Can Now Openly Date

And it isn't really my business anyways. I've heard a supposed K-fan talk about how a lot of idols date casually, they just hide it. K-fans also hide any potential scandals from international fans so it doesn't hurt the group. I don't know exactly how accurate that is bc it was a random source on OneHallyu, but I think people should always keep in mind that their faves could be dating at any time instead of being delulu about it. A more legit source has talked about SM trainees drinking and smoking so assuming that these young people with basic needs follow all of the rules, whether explicit or implied, is silly to me.

Not sure about the ban or not but I don't think they'd even try to risk dating secretly, at least not right now. They've worked so hard to get to where they are and a dating scandal along with army's strongly negative reaction could derail all that. Also they are probably way way too busy for any kind of relationships that require a huge time commitment. As much as I would love for them to find happiness in this way, their fans are absolutely terrifying e.

Even if the boys' schedules get toned down a bit, I don't think they'd risk dating for the sake of their S. My knowledge of idol-dating only encompasses that of EXO members, lol. Even Baekhyun and Taeyeon didn't work out due to presumably their busy schedules, but I feel like Taeyeon probably got the brunt of a lot of hate once word got out It saddens me that the boys probably won't get to live normal lives for a long, long while as someone mentioned on here before, Hope's lyrics for "Graduation" are kinda heartbreaking as he speaks of his vision of having a part-time job and dating someone , but I think they understand this.

Maybe when they and their fans have aged a little more, they'll get to. I think someone on this subreddit posted about it before not sure what happened to the post , but someone started a rumor that Jungkook was dating someone and "leaked" pics as proof. Log in to comment. Now AKP looks like fan blog where everyone can write about their favorite idols Watch their fans start burning all their shit once they find out one of them were dating somebody. The fans will lose their shit, post online telling them to leave the group, a wild witch hunt will start where the netizens will use their detective work and will find out the person they are dating, the world will end.

Hahahaha Twice dating BTS.

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Man, those fanwars are gonna be crazy. I hope the Onces don't bash members for dating.

If that happened, I would literally be afraid for their lives. Some of their fans have 0 life outside their fandom.

(Noteworthy) Dispatch Implied That BTS Jimin Will Be The Next To Be Publishing Dating News

They have cultist behaviours. I mean BTS never had a dating ban, they choose to focus on their career. Lol Cult behavior-we proud of XD! Anyways most int Armys will be chill cuz we want them to be happy since they gave us soooo much of their life. BTS feeds us more than any kpop group out there. But, yes we will see bouts of fans saying don't make false rumors, leaving fandom just cuz, maybe hating on the girl but these will only be the ones imagining they got a chance.

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But then u see see this behavior with any group fans lol, RV korean males fans are crazy, they legit hate on any man coming close to their idol. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, eh?

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Sana must be laughing really hard at that one. I do hope they kept their relationship private..

thank you!

Just go public when you want to get married.. Its not because people own their private life.. And being in a relationship is definitely not a scandal.. They are a public figure after all.. And a relationship is a personal thing that I dont want them to be judge by random people out of it.. And if its not work well then came another statement..

So bettet be private about their love life.. Senior idols can do it.. You can do it too. Thats very true and it is better for them cuz they get freedom to get to enjoy the beginning without intrusion and constant pressure but then some fans might take it as betrayal. Like they prefer knowing then not knowing even though they might not like it.

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Dating is just so complicated for these poor groups. I also think its fair to ban them from dating when they were young and debuted. He actually was fair and gave them 3 years and allows it right now. They are way worse CEOs than this. Its their decision what to do. I would still date secretly after all those recent scandals if you can even call that scandals..

YG also has a 3years ban for his Girls now , it was once 5 years because Minzy was under age but now it's also 3 years. I just think it's kinda misogynistic to only give females a dating ban.

TWICE's Dating Ban Has Been Lifted, Can Now Openly Date - Koreaboo

They do not allow their text to be used without the consent of their article and distribute it on other sites. Doesn't mean they immediately look or entertain a suitor. Especially their success is on the roll. These girls are smart enough to avoid dating for few more years. They probably won't date for another 1year because of fear of scandal. Then they will date secretly. Almost half of Twice's fans are the idiots who think that they own their private life and should not date, while approximately the same amount are the ones who would practically pimp them out to anybody just so they could have something to ship.

I don't know about that. Twice is second only behind 2NE1 in fans wanting them to date. They will not date openly. This is just another gimmick so fans can dream they have a chance. They have likely been having lots of sex with boys the entire time anyway. I doubt they will date opening or date at all yet even if they can just to maintain their popularity. Well that's good I guess.

Althrough I'm sure they were or are already dating someone in secret so it's not big deal honestly. I think at least one if not multiple from every single group is either dating or hooking up. That's I'm sure the only thing where they can feel normal.