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Frankly, I wanted to see what the big deal was about sex. I was partly inspired by my close friend, Carly, who recently entered into an open relationship and spends lots of time regaling me with tales of her random, meaningless hook-ups. The truth is I never really intended to go through with meeting someone from Craigslist. But there I was, sitting in front of my computer typing a clear and concise casual encounters ad. I used classic hook-up ad vernacular: I did not include the fact that I was a virgin.

I set up a gmail account under a fake name and waited for emails to roll in. And roll in they did.

Almost immediately I had a world of men looking to hook up with me. The sheer amount of dick pics I got was staggering and I fluctuated between academic fascination, passive arousal, and outright disgust looking through all of them. Several dozen emails later I read one from a relatively unattractive, but seemingly nice man named Stu, who was He had actually messaged me on OK Cupid the week before, but I read his profile and never responded that right there should have tipped me off, I almost always respond to OK Cupid messages.

We started emailing back and forth over 30 emails passed between the two of us and finally we set up a time 10 pm and a place his townhouse to meet. I kept pushing away the voice that kept telling me to stop and got ready for our meeting.

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It felt like an out-of-body experience. Thinking back on that night I see it from the outside, looking in. Watching myself do this, remembering that it happened and yet not feeling like I actually experienced it. I parked my car and Stu was waiting at the front door.

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We shook hands and went into his backyard. So yea she was. I had a similar experience. I met someone on CL who was separated and told me he was going to divorce. I fell madly in love with him and he made me all kinds of promises, told me I was his life blah blah blah. He lied so much I don't even know what if anything is the truth. Long story short, he went back to his wife. Ripped my heart out. Sorry about your experience. She is however back at the CL dating and meeting random guys places. Ahh that's a shame.

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There's nothing but liars and assholes on there. Most are married too! But you can't make decisions for people. She's not ugly per se, if she would just take a little better care of herself hygiene wise she would be able to grab a great guy instead of lurking on CL. She has been a train wreck ever since. I do not know if she truly loved him and is just depressed or what but I do know they still talk and he wants her back.

I would not encourage meeting on craigslist.

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  4. It was awkward when they showed affection like nothing I have ever seen, they would huge and be 2 feet away from each other. Good morning, my neighbors! I probably sent out about a hundred messages before I got a single answer.

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    She looked pretty much the kind of girl you'd expect to reply to some guy on PoF looking for a hookup. She wasn't fat, probably because she smoked like a chimney. She had a bunch of piercings on her face and several tattoos, and her hair was dyed this dark purple color. I find piercings to be a huge turnoff and thought they made her pretty ugly, especially in her profile pics. We decided we'd meet someplace neutral so we met up at a Boston Pizza about halfway between us. We meet up and have one of the most awkward dinners ever.

    We have nothing in common which I kind of knew going into it judging by her profile so we spent the time talking about our respective hobbies and interests while exchanging bored glances. After dinner I guess we both decided the other was harmless enough. She agreed to pay for the meal if I paid for the hotel room, which I thought was pretty cool since I was expecting to pay for everything.

    I guess she didn't feel like a hooker if she was putting out some money too. I sprang for a decent room at Best Western. As soon as we walk in she shuts the blinds and starts taking her clothes off. I wrap up and we go. I was planning to stay overnight since I paid for the room, but she stayed too. We spent the night watching TV and having sex, and after talking more we found we had more in common than we thought.

    Fast forward five years, we've been happily married for 3 years now and have a 1 year old daughter. She quit smoking, got rid of the piercings and let her hair go back to it's natural color, a light brown. She described the piercings and purple as a phase she was going through and is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. How does smoking make you thin? I smoke a pack a day and am certainly not any thinner for it. If anything, it makes me less likely to do cardio.

    Hasn't killed me yet! On an unrated note I ended up in hospital for not eating or sleeping for three days straight and smoking forty a day. I haven't been hospitalized yet, but I'm quite used to not sleeping or eating and smoking like a chimney. I'm doing it wrong then.

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    I always like to have a cig after I eat 2 or 3 entrees of food. Or after the big dump. The first part was convincing.

    Because it wasn't interesting. The second part was pretty obvious. You do have potential.


    Better luck next time. I've had two experiences on POF. The first woman, skinny, great body, put out on first date. She turned out to be a habitual liar, and a their. Second woman - also very pretty, bigger girl but also a their and habitual liar.