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As usual, Monty Don will be at Longmeadow sharing "tips and ideas on how to keep your garden looking good all year long". This week, he'll be tackling some urgent pruning, as well as revealing some of the projects he's got in store over the coming months.

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This year Carol Klein will be "visiting some of the nation's greatest gardens to find out why their beautiful borders work so well". Joe Swift has the first of his three design master classes on how to make the most of a small town garden. And the show travels to the Cape in South Africa to learn more about geraniums. Stay signed in for 30 days.

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Latest Articles Keep up to date with the latest news, articles and competitions from Natural Friends. Testimonial We recently had this lovely testimonial sent to us here at Natural Friends: The lowest average temperature however will effect which types of non-annual plants you can grow in your garden.

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For example, if the last frost in your garden is late spring, you will be able to plant out tomato plants a week or so later. An example of such a shrub is Cistus. So it is easily possible that your garden is ideal for growing annual tomatoes but is not suitable for growing shrubs which are only partially frost hardy. When using the map above be aware that the last frost date can vary quite significantly even in the same town.

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Factors which can affect the last frost date include slopes and hills, nearby presence of large bodies of water and others. The frost dates associated with each town above are generally accurate in six out of seven years but occasionally a late frost can catch even the experts out. However what is is very clear is that different parts of the UK do have very different last frost dates, a fact which most gardening websites and books simply ignore.

This site attempts to address this problem by asking you where you live and then adjusting all dates to match the likely weather conditions in your area. The worst of the weather is predicted to arrive around the middle of November and could again mean nightmare travelling conditions on the roads and chaos at British airports. Our guess is that temperatures for early to mid January will be about normal - but then we are a bit cynical about these things.

January 12th - the Daily Mail publishes this headline: January 13th - the snow failed to arrive except for a few flurries in Northern areas. The surpise was that the forecast on the 8th totally misread some really bad weather. Floods in the east of England which led to several villages in the area being evacuated.

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Even the floods did not materialise sufficiently to cause any problems.